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Man's best friend, Dog's worst enemy.


Man's best friend, Dog's worst enemy.

May 29, 2018

This is a unique episode compared to what I normally do. 

I am contacted several times a week to help someone re-home a dog. I am not associated with a rescue or shelter, so I knew they must get way more request. When I did some research and found that over 3,200 dogs a day are put down, I wanted to point some stuff out.

Sadly this number may never be down to 0, but we can easily cut it down significantly. 

This starts with making sure you should even get a dog based on several factors. Then goes into the fact that most people buy a dog because of a certain look. You're buying a paint job essentially. You are also trading a life for profit when you sell dogs.

I see so many people give up there dog because it "won't listen","always barks" "chews things up". All of these things are a pretty damn easy fix and NO reason to abandon your dog.


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