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Blake Grice


Blake Grice

January 9, 2018

In this episode I talk with my good friend, Blake Grice. Blake is the Owner/Head Coach at Electric City Mixed Martial Arts in Anderson, SC. He is a MMA referee who has worked with many organizations including the UFC, Bellator, Desert Force, and Phoenix Fighting Championship.

I wanted to have Blake on to tell his story about how he ended up leaving a "dream job" to pursue his passion for MMA. How it wasn't always easy financially, especially in the early days. Blake took a chance even when some of the people closest to him told him it wasn't going to work. 

He proved them wrong in a really big way. He did so by following the two biggest rules for success which are putting in the work and not quitting. 

It's a great story and I hope you guys enjoy it. 

If you are in the area or ever passing through I highly encourage you to check out his gym. They have an incredible facility and top level instructors. More information about the gym can be found on their website.

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