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Here are a few things to help gauge if we would be a good fit before submitting an inquiry.

Know that my listeners come first. A lot of them are close friends or family. The rest are supporters and carry just as much value to me. The reality is, any paid sponsorship is a dilution of the show no matter how relevant or valuable the product or service is to the listeners.

The goal of The Self-Made Podcast is to provide value to it's listeners. If your product or service is something I use myself, clearly I have no problem talking about it. I am always excited to share a better or faster way to do something or a must have product that I've found. However, when I do so, I am completely honest in my opinions. No amount of financial gain will persuade me to promote something that I do not believe in.

To some, this may come across in a negative way. The rest, the ones I'd want to work with, they know exactly where I am coming from.

Matt Snipes - Host

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