The Self-Made Podcast



if one person is successful because of this podcast then i consider it a success

As someone who has started two businesses on my own and now taking on the podcast , I have learned a lot of things along the way. Both right and wrong. What works and what doesn't. So many people are reluctant to start anything just because they don't know how to get started. Another major reason I started the podcast was to help these people. Watching ideas that I've had take shape has been one of the most rewarding and exciting things I've ever experienced. Hopefully this podcast provides enough value to help others do the same.

However the selfish podcast may have been a more accurate name

When I had first had the idea to start my own podcast I ran it by a few friends. One of the first things all of them would ask is what it would be about. I responded with "everything that I'm into". Those that know me know that's a lot of stuff. The idea of only talking about one subject seemed so boring to me. Other podcasters do it and do it well but thats not how my mind works. A lot of the things I read online said that you should stick to a general topic to attract listeners. If I'm being honest, my intentions weren't to attract a million listeners. I wanted to talk to people that interest me about things that interest me. Every episode may not appeal to everyone and thats fine with me. 

this is and probably always will be a work in progress

At the time of writing, I only have a few episodes recorded. I am currently happy with both the content and my equipment. As time goes on I hope to improve on both. I like to do things to the absolute best of my ability. The episodes that are posted do not have guests. The reason for that goes back to what I said about doing things the best that I can. Once I improve myself I feel that I will be better prepared to guide the show when there is a guest. I have quite a few very interesting and diverse guests lined up so stay tuned!